Your Gasoline Car and the New Clean Diesels are Chemtrails Weapons of Mass Destruction

Do you know what kind of material gasoline car catalytic converters are made of?


======= ALUMINUM OXIDE =======

I once contacted someone who worked in catalytic converter development and she told me that catalytic converters consist mainly of aluminum oxide.
Did you know that an estimated 70% of all oil pumped up worldwide is refined into gasoline? That is about 50+ million barrels per day. All the fine dust (black smoke) from the gasoline is re-burned, at 425 – 1200 degrees celsius, in a gasoline car catalytic converter, made of aluminum oxide, into nanoparticles (nanofine dust). How many nanoparticles of aluminum oxide do you think will be released into the atmosphere, when you consider this huge amount of 50 million barrels of gasoline per day? I personally think that the aluminum oxide from air traffic is a joke compared to these 50 million barrels of gasoline that are burned daily at this high temperature. In addition, also a story in itself, forget all the startling news about electric cars. What the media does not tell you is that since the diesel scandal, gasoline and gasoline car sales have been skyrocketing from 58% to 76%. This is the 10 year trend and you see the 58% in the 2015 when the diesel scandal toke place.


Chronically illness skyrocketing

For people that don’t know this yet. Aluminum oxide air pollution is the main cause of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, nerve disorders, psychiatric illnesses, burnout, becoming more stupid, and even criminal behavior and much more. In short, this is an attack on our brain, our intelligence, our memory. Realize that if you become more stupid you do not register that yourself. I spoke to some teachers and they told me that their pupils are getting dummer year after year. In the Netherlands every year we now have 10 million chronic ill people on a population of 17 million and it has been growing with 1 million year after year.

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